What To Do With Thanksgiving?

Penny: So, what are you guys doing?

Howard: Celebrating Columbus Day.

Leonard: We’re watching Goonies, Gremlins and Young Sherlock Holmes. They were all written by Chris Columbus.

Penny: Okay. What do you watch on Thanksgiving?

Sheldon: The parade.

- The Big Bang Theory, Season 3 Episode 4, "The Pirate Solution"

Every year, to celebrate Thanksgiving, my parents have had the whole family and a bunch of relatives and friends over for socializing, turkey, and stuff(ing). It's always great to see family, play cards with my grandparents, share a meal and give thanks. However, this coming Thanksgiving weekend my parents will be out of town, so I'm currently without a plan this Thanksgiving. What I can't decide is if I want to do something for Thanksgiving and, if so, what I want to do.

When I say that I would "do nothing" for Thanksgiving, that would be that I'm doing nothing socially. I like long weekends such as this because I can spend hours and hours on my personal hobbies such as inReview.net. These websites are my way of playing with new technologies and my hobbies, but I struggle with doing them day-to-day because I find it works better if I have open-ended time of at least a couple hours to work hard on it, otherwise you spend an hour or two getting up to speed and figuring out what needs work and then you're done. Also, I get a little tired of doing web architecture/programming after 8 hours of doing it for work and so it's hard to spend my weeknights doing it. Spending Thanksgiving working on programming stuff may be a bit anti-social, but it's just this year and at least it's semi-productive.

Since friends have found out that I have no plans for Thanksgiving and a number of them have invited me to their family celebration. However, I'm not sure I'll be that comfortable with that either. I've always gone to my family's celebration, and although I do know a number of these families a bunch, it seems like it could be pretty awkward to be the non-family member at a family tradition. I'm probably over-thinking this, but I guess I'm not too sure if I'm that comfortable with it.

The other problem with attending Thanksgiving celebrations is that I think it's going to be boring. One of my friends invited me to his family's event, but after talking for a bit he said that the main event is drinking beer and watching football most of the day. Although I enjoy some good beer and the engaging commercials that play during football (and not during the shows I like), I get REALLY BORED watching football in no time flat. Although a bit of football is watched at my parents' house on Thanksgiving, I spend most of the time playing cards or chatting with aunts, uncles and cousins upstairs while the TV is on downstairs. So I'm not even sure if I want to go to Thanksgiving.

So what do you think? Should I go find some turkey at a friend's house? Just keep working on the hobbies and just make myself a nice dinner? Am I anti-social? Am I not crazy? Am I asking too many questions?



Yo Dan,
I recommend you spend some time with folks, giving thanks for all the blessings you have. I bet you can find someone to just have dinner with on Thanksgiving and not have to spend much longer watching football or what not. You'll have the rest off the weekend (and Thanksgiving day) to work on your hobbies.
Plus, you are fun to have around, so you could make someone's Thanksgiving less boring! I bet you can add a lot to someone's celebration. Maybe you could find some little kids to throw around, or something like that.
Hope you find great stuff to do!

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