Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Spending Thanksgiving in Shreveport, Louisiana was great. Plenty of my friends from all over the country were there, and the food and drinks were amazing throughout the weekend. Now I'm heading to visit more missionaries in Indianapolis this evening.

One of my favorite moments was when Nathan gave a quick reflection. (I can't quote him because I don't remember it exactly, but I will paraphrase.) Nathan said that American tradition is that we should give thanks, but often we do not give thanks to anyone in particular. We should be offering this thanks to someone. However, many things, such as the trees, the weather, the great life I have, etc., cannot be attributed to any person. However, these things should always be attributed to God. It was just a great reminder for me to be thankful and, more importantly, to be thankful to God for all he has given us.



Hey Dan, we missed you this Thanksgiving but we are glad you got an opportunity to go to visit all the brothers and sisters in Allendale and Indy. The Lord has been so good to us. We spent a while thanking Him for everything, too. Catherine brought two Chinese girls to our meal. They had never had turkey or heard of American Thanksgiving. It seemed they enjoyed our family. I hope they can meet you and Laura, sometime. They thought our family was HUGE!
See ya, MOM :-)

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