The T-Shirt

Today's shirt is one of my favorites - the T-shirt.  Most say that my shirts are pretty unique, but this one is probably one of the most unique, mostly because it was a limited-run shirt from an independent artist.  It's totally rock 'n' roll.

Andrew Osenga is an independent singer-songwriter and is the former leader of the band The Normals, everyone's favorite band from Normal, Illinois.  He also currently plays as a member of Christian folk super-group Caedmon's Call, who I like to think of as the Main Street Singers of Christian music.  (I won't keep the A Might Wind analogies rolling, because I think it's a bit too early to call Amy Grant and Gary Chapman the genre's Mitch and Mickey.  Just to clarify, if you get all those references, you're too much of a Christian music geek, just like me.)

The shirt has an interesting history.  Apparently, a couple years before the shirt was made, Andrew Osenga lost a toe while mowing the lawn.  That's hardcore!  And he had enough spirit to make an awesome-looking, random, "vintage" T-shirt out of it.

Half the reason I purchased this shirt is because I love supporting independent artists and I've always liked Andy's music.  But, the other half is because I love innovative Internet marketing, and buying a domain like and pointing it to your site is fun marketing.  Whenever someone asks what the shirt is about, I always direct them to go to the site and check out his music - there's tons of free Andrew Osenga on there, including the free Letters To The Editor EP.  So, seriously, check it out.


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