Tools for Stalking Me

A couple weeks ago, a friend who usually requires me to comment on the latest news from Apple told me that she wanted to hear more about me and what I'm up to on my blog.  She also asked that I post those on top of the technology posts, then just a couple days ago she asked me, "What's Drupal?" and I told her to get reading.

In the past, I have posted slightly more personal goings-on on my blog.  But, thanks to the evolution of the Web 2.0, I get to do those types of things in bunches of ways.  First, there's services like Twitter and Pownce that allow you to post a quick little message to your friends.  Both of these can be easily posted from my phone, so it's easy to post directly what I'm up to.  (I use a service called TwitterFeed to just post to Pownce and then they cross-post it to Twitter for me.)  Here's what I've been talking about on Pownce/Twitter for the last couple months:

  • I posted my regular goings on during a March trip to Arizona.
  • I talked about my love for artists like Andy Hunter and John Reuben, as well as being hopeful about the new Coldplay.
  • I commented on the squealing power brick on Kevin's computer.
  • I posted random, out-of-context quotes from life here in Dinkytown.
  • I overrreacted a bit when housemates were burning stuff in the kitchen and it made the house reek.
  • You can pretty much get me to do anything if you offer me fresh Chipotle burritos.
  • I posted links to some of my favorite content from
  • I professed my love for jQuery (which I get to learn about more today with the Lullabots).
  • I got my bicycle out and have rode it around a couple times.
  • I "live-blogged" some of the talks from the People of Praise men's retreat by posting some of the more pivotal points in the talk.
  • I quoted Sixpence None The Richer and Avril Lavigne.
  • I posted about last weekend's adventures camping near Taylor's Falls, MN.
  • I've made a couple comments about this week's Lullabot workshop as well.

The second place you can see stuff I'm interested is on my Google Reader Shared page.  I use Google Reader all the time to keep track of sites that get updated, and if you have me listed as a Google Talk contact, you should see my Shared Items right in your Google Reader (or you can use the page).  Here's some cool items I've shared as some of my favorites:

I'd say that if you want to know what I'm thinking about and doing, just bookmark the Pownce and Google Reader pages and keep up with the reading.  If I do have longer, more thoughtful posts to put up, I will keep posting them here.  Also, a regular feature showing off my many stylish T-shirts may be in the works as well for this blog.



Dude, I would so be about a stylish t-shirt feature. The world needs to see this.

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