Blog Archive for January 2006

People Talkin' Like It's The End of Time

Here I am with three signs the world is coming to an end:

It's a crazy world.


Drivin' Along In My Automobile

Check out this Honda Civic ad. It's amazing.


Stop The Music

A small tragedy almost happened yesterday. I left my earbuds in the car that I rode to work in, and if you ride the bus, you know that riding home on the bus without music or something to read can be really dull.

Thankfully, my good friend Mike took the time out of his afternoon to bring my earbuds by. It was great to have stuff to listen to, and it was a great but small way to show his friendship.

Speaking of frienship, a friend recently noted to me that I've been a bit too whiney recently. If I have offended anyone, I apologize for it. It's important to remember that anyone can read whatever you put on your blog, no matter how unlikely you think it is that they will read it. ;-)


Culture: A Fabulous Fabric Blend

Paste Culture ClubTheir last issue mentioned it, but now it's here. The folks at Paste Magazine are now producing a weekly podcast called Paste Culture Club. What is it? Well, it's an extension of the magazine's content and samplers. They've got more music, some interviews, discussions about movies and other things, and this week's podcast even included a sketch disguised as an "Interview with Beethoven". That was hilarious.

If you've heard me talking about Paste and am not sure if you're interested, check out the culture club. If you like it, then check out my favorite magazine which not only comes with lots of reading but a CD full of new music and a DVD full of movie previews, short films, and more. It's just plan awesome.


Revenge of the Nerds

Bill Gates at Apple from Pirates of Silicon ValleyIn the spirit of Tuesday's rather boring keynote speech, I rented a movie. It's a rather small movie made by some computer geeks called Pirates of Silicon Valley. It's a fun and interesting dramatization of the early days of Apple and Microsoft. It's also very interesting to see a time when Apple was bigger than Microsoft. Plus, all the characters are well-fleshed out and very historically accurate from what I know. If you're a geek, get some history and a bit of fun with this engaging movie. It may be a bit too focused on the big personality of Steve Jobs, but that's not the movie creator's problem because Steve is a hippie, very demanding, and not easy to work with.