We've Got To Come Together

Last night I went out with my parents and saw the Third Day/David Crowder Band concert. It was pretty chill.

Although we didn't really get there until 7:10, if they started right at 7 Crowder's set was just too short. It was great, though. They did a great job with their "rock opera", "You Are My Joy". And, of course, we had fun with "Foreverandever Etc..". They only played 40 minutes or so, though, but oh well. The opening band never gets any respect.

Third Day came out after a half hour. The lights were fairly cool, even though we were up on the second level of the Target Center. Third Day had the guy who has played keyboards on their studio albums on tour, and dang, he was good. At the end they redid "Come Together" with an entirely different melody that sounded more like a Gospel/piano-rock tune. They also did their rockin' cover of Rich Mullins' "Creed", which I always like.

Mac Powell said they were doing some stuff for old-school fans, but of course they were just songs that were re-recorded for Offerings. No songs from one of my favorite albums, Conspiracy No. 5 were played, and only the obvious, slow hits from Time were present. It still rocked when they "took it to 11" for "Rockstar", so much that my mom and dad had to leave the arena for a minute. ;-)

The best moment though was inviting David Crowder and his band back onstage during the set for Crowder's bluegrass Gospel tune, "I Saw The Light", where Mac sang the second verse. It was awesome. After that, Mac said, "If you buy one album this year, buy the new Third Day album. If you buy two albums this year, buy the latest from David Crowder Band." In my opinion, he shoud have said, "If you buy one album this year, buy David Crowder's. If you buy two, get our old album, Time." But that would be too gutsy.

All in all, though, it was a great evening with my family and that's what is important. That is, even if the service at Old Chicago was less than stellar.



Wish I was there!

Cath tried calling you but could only get ahold of Laura. It was fun.

Well Dan, we were thirsty during that song...from singing.

And I thought the appetizer was supposed to come before the dinner. Oh, they were busy.

Hey, thanks for taking us, Dan (where did you get that smiley face winking?)

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