Who Put Rock 'n' Roll In Your Blood?

Speaking of rock 'n' roll, just a side note that May 2nd is going to be a great day. Not only do we get the long-overdue rock 'n' roll release from The Elms (I mean, who wouldn't want a rock album called The Chess Hotel?), but I just noticed that the album a year and a half in the waiting, mars ILL's Pro*Pain is finally gonna be released. That is, unless the EMI good music Nazis have their way....

It's not exactly The Elms-style, but tonight I witnessed the tour de force that is Mute Math. Not only did they play almost every song from their EP and most of their new album, but there was tons of impromptu instrumentals, great crowd interaction, and non-stop intensity. By the time they left the stage, we were all clamoring for everybody's favorite track, "Reset". It was a non-stop amazing show, and I got a T-shirt and their new album. Maybe I'll give more thoughts on the new album later.

The opening band, Vedera, was pretty good. Lead singer Kristen May was very captivating and had easily the best female voice I've ever heard in a rock group. Let's hope the rock 'n' roll machine doesn't chew her up and spit her out like they did wiith Amy Lee of Evanescence.

On the more personal side, it was great to go to the concert with a couple friends from my house. None of them were Mute Math fans, but they enjoyed it nonetheless and made it fun by giving me the oppertunity to share one of my favorite new bands.

Now, if The Elms would just abnounce their album release club tour already, then we could schedule an awesome show!



i've heard some die-hard MuteMath/Earthsuit fans that they really dislike the full-length album. i'm curious about your thoughts.

Hmm..... really? Well, it is a bit different than their debut EP, but I like it. I have listened to it a lot in the last couple days, and I think it's just as good, it's just different. There don't seem to be as many standout/high-energy tracks as the earlier EP, but on the whole, it's still amazing. Maybe I'll formulate my thoughts about it a bit more in the coming days...

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