Train To The Airport

I hope last year's rather weak winter weather doesn't hinder our new Light Rail system. For those who don't know, about a year ago Minneapolis opened a light rail line. I ride it every day home from work (and sometimes to work).

Today and yesterday we've had a decent amount of snow, and it seems to have caught MetroTransit off guard. You see, going home usually goes pretty smooth because the trains run every 7 minutes during rush hour. But with all the snow, the schedule seems very sporadic.

I left at 5:10 and therefore just missed the 5:12 train. But the next train came at 5:26! Not cool. Plus, while waiting for the train, 3 or 4 trains went by on the southbound track! It was very annoying.

Of course, it would probably help if the government actually supported our publil transit instead of pretending it's nonexistent.



dude. today i went on it at about 6:35ish and as i was getting to the station, a train stoped but it said "out of service" and the guy was like sorry, this train is having mechanical problems or something, theres a train comming in 4 mins, so then that train when bye, then another one came by, but the display on that one was completly lit up, kinda weird, so it was empty too and it went bye, then finally the 3rd train came and it was packed but i went on anyway and it was good times.

i spelt by wrong. who cares.

Luckily for you, though, good spelling is not a requirement for posting on the Internet. Except when e-mailing to Strong Bad.

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