Burning A Hole In My Pocket

My Next iPodFor a while now, I've been thinking about getting a new iPod. Mine's over two years old and it's running better than ever now that I put a new battery in it. But, the 30GB of space is not enough for me now that I'm officially a music snob. For the last year or so I've been able to find boring music that I've gotten from my endeavors at cMusicWeb.com and make sure that's not on my iPod, but it's gotten to the point where my collection of purchased CDs that I'd like to have on my iPod is more than 30GB. Plus, I've been listening to tech podcasts a bit more, so having the extra space for those would be nice.

Also, I told my sister that she could have my old iPod, so it makes sense I should give it to her before she leaves for college. Sure, she's gonna have to live with my e-mail address and the quote from delirious? on it, but she'll be happy to have a place to store all her music. There's some raucous kid friends of mine that would take it and give me some money, but I'd much rather let my sister have it.

The question is now or later. I don't know. One of my friends said I should because I have the money, and they're probably right. In a month I'm moving to a place where they actually charge a decent amount for rent.

I went to the Apple store last night and found that my old cables and docks will work with my new iPod. That's a relief.



how in the world did you get your e-mail address on the back of your iPod? (sincerely yours, the non-Mac genius.)

If you buy it on the Apple.com store, it lets you get your iPod laser-engraved for free. Whatever you like. On my old iPod, I had to pay about $20 for the engraving, but I figured it was worth it for the added feature that you can't really steal something that has my e-mail address on it. Plus, it has a cool saying.

I recently realized that I'm gonna get a check from a website I just a couple days ago finished. So when that check comes for about as much money as the iPod costs, I'll go ahead and purchase it, probably.

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