Like Music? I Want Your Help!

As many of you know, for almost a decade now I've been running a music review website. It started out on GeoCities, but thanks to the writing and hard work of many people, it's been at for years, and it did pretty well as an independent, alternative source for honest reviews of Christian music. It was a good run, but in the last couple years the contributors have just gotten too busy with family and other commitments so the site has lacked a bit.

For the last year, we've been slowly building a new site, Over the years, we've found, like many Christians, that the small subcategory of "Christian" music does very little to define the listening habits or lives of most Christians. With, we're hoping to build a group of Christians who like writing about music and sharing some of their favorite music.

Speaking of which, this is where y'all come in. I know that many of you, as Christian brothers and sisters and (some of you) members of the People of Praise, enjoy music a lot. We enjoy all kinds of music - not just "Christian" music, but music by rappers, rockers, and folk artists (among others) who have something meaningful to say. (Let's face it, I also listen to some who probably don't have much to say too.)

I'm looking for people to write for the site. Our writing staff at the moment is very small, and we'd love to put out more reviews, but that takes people and time. Writing really isn't that hard, especially when it's about an artist or album that you're really passionate about. Or, if you're a music lover who wants practice in writing, this is a great place to start too. Not many of us, and certainly not me, are considered professional writers, but we strive to write honest, in-depth critiques of the music we hear and the music we love.

We've got a number of things lined up for this coming year, and if you're interested in joining us, please contact us at We'd love to have a regular commitment of about one review per month, but just a good one-time feature or review is great. Also, persons to cover music news or maybe even avid music listeners who just want to blog free-form about it are welcome. There's no pay at this point, but if we can start to sell advertising and cover costs in the future, there may be some. This isn't just open to you as my friends, but if you know anyone who is interested please pass on the word.

In other news, to better keep the website going, I'm thinking of getting a new computer, more specifically a MacBook Pro. If anyone has any comments or thoughts on other computer options, I'd love to hear what you think.


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