To Get In Download Music Game

Yesterday a press release issued from announced that they will be opening an online music download store. There are many players in this still-emerging market, but having another big player is definitely a good thing.

Not much was really stated in the press release except the music will be DRM-free MP3 files. Also, it was duly mentioned that EMI, often listed as the third or fourth-largest music company in the world, will be partnering with from the outset to put their music in the store. No word on pricing or dates of availability have been given at this time.

What does this mean for the music industry? Well, it will only accelerate the idea of selling DRM-free music, which any consumer is for. Plus, it could give a major competitor with Apple's iTunes if Amazon's Jeff Bezos can cut a good deal with the labels. And finally, it shows that EMI did not make an exclusive deal with Apple for non-DRM'd music, which is a good thing. has the funds and the longevity to take on this challenge, but they definitely do not yet have the style points that Apple has. However, in a commodity market like this, we'll have to wait to see how they can compete on the bottom line: features and price.


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