Take Control of the Atmosphere

Interesting. According to an article republished on Mute Math's MySpace Blog, Mute Math is no longer on Warner Bros., and that's why they can distribute the record at the show if they want. The show mentions their Teleprompt label as still being theirs, but they didn't like the "Christian band" status that Warner was giving them, so they dropped the label.

Good for them. With the huge media attention (like being on Late Late Show tonight and a tour de force at MySpace) that they are getting, they'll have a label begging to sell the album in no time, if they want. At least, from everything I can tell, they are going to make it big.

After watching their performance on the Late Late Show, I figured out why they're doing so well without the help of a major label. It seems their publicity company has worked with a lot of big names in independent music, including The Decemberists as well as lots of other bands I've started hearing more and more about. Now it's starting to make more sense.

I'll see for myself next weekend, though. A week from tonight I'll see their live show. And you'll get a full report here.


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